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psychology of love and sex

How much has already been written about them, starting with the famous Kamasutra and ending with pamphlets of underground samizdat! Prominent sexologists devoted a significant part of their work to the selection of postures - in particular, the Polish doctor Mikhailina Wislotskaya made a great contribution to this area . And above all, it was about how to find the optimal posture for mutual satisfaction, depending on the anatomical features of the partners.
But the fact of the matter is that you should also take into account the psychological component of this aspect! As many cases as you like when, from the point of view of anatomy, a certain posture seems to suit both, it is not - either he or she has "something wrong" at the same time. Such sensations can arise from the fact that for each pose it is possible: its own "reading" from the point of view of psychological perception. And special difficulties (and even conflicts) arise where each partner has his own view, his own perception and his own assessment of the same pose.

Successful sex to a large extent depends on the knowledge of type of sexual constitution - sexual temperament of your own and your partner.

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We can say that all such positions in human sex satisfy, first of all, the communicative function - the need for communication. After all , as you know, animals do not have such poses in principle. And people often need in an intimate process not so much physiological pleasure as a feeling of fusion, unity:


And just this need is best satisfied by the well-known pose from the group "face to face" - MAN ON TOP. Also, for many women, this pose is a symbol of a kind of security - when the male body covers it almost completely:
This position is usually called missionary - while telling the story of how savages on the island, accustomed to "communicate" in animal poses, watched in amazement as a couple of missionaries make love: However, this is still not entirely true. Variants of this pose have been found among the cave paintings of primitive people! That is, this indirectly confirms what we talked about above: the social function of sex appeared a long time ago. And if you like, this position can be called not missionary, but human. And those nationalities with whom it is not popular, and in all the rest of their development, nevertheless experienced some regression in the development of their population:
N about the problems in the use of this group of poses just there and begin where its different "social interpretations" arise. This can be, on the one hand, merging and unification, and on the other hand, suppression (from the point of view of a man): they say, this is how I pressed her, she cannot move! In general, for men seeking to satisfy in sex, first of all, the sense of their own power, especially power from a position of strength, this position is attractive because in it you can literally "crush" a woman. And it no longer matters to them that the practically immobilized partner loses the ability to help his frictions and thus his purely physiological pleasure is dulled! But the point is that physiological release is secondary for such a bumpkin , the main thing is to crush:
And from the point of view of a woman, such a pose may well be also a symbol: contempt and indifference. Like, my business - excuse me, lie down and spread my legs. And then let him do what he wants there, I don't give a damn! .. It is in this position (with this reading) that wives who literally hate their husbands - and in particular closeness with them - have sex. Here is another reason why this position is so popular - often in married couples, sex becomes precisely marital duties. And it is in this position that the wife can afford not to bother while performing these duties:
B from and it turns out that if the partner experiences a feeling of unity in this position, and the partner - indifference, or the partner wants to satisfy the feeling of power with the help of such a pose, and the partner - a sense of security, with such opposite goals someone will certainly remain dissatisfied (no matter how well this position suits their anatomical features). And vice versa: if this arrangement of bodies does not stimulate the main erogenous zones too well, but at the same time there is a coincidence of views - such a pose will be regarded with a bang!


The next most common pose from this group is WOMAN ON TOP. In principle, it is more physiological precisely because, as a rule, a woman is lighter than a man. However, with such contact of the bodies, the dense pressure on each other is much less, and of course, the main activity is left to the partner. That is why, in most sexological works, this position is recommended for active women and tired men. However, this is from the point of view of physiological feasibility. But when psychology begins, conflicts of a specific plan arise.
We will talk about this again, but it is worth mentioning now that some of our men (especially those who consider themselves, as they say, too "tough"), no matter how hard they work in a day, can not allow wife or girlfriend "sit on top"! Like, it humiliates his manhood. The only one with whom he can allow this is with a prostitute, whom he allegedly initially humiliated by buying her, and at the same time he is no longer a "trampled man", but a client-customer who can afford to lie down calmly while the purchased lady works: See how perception changes depending on psychological and social accents! Actually, nothing has changed in the technical disposition.
And with such a distorted perception, difficulties arise both for men (who solve their intimate problems with their wives, but at the same time move themselves through force, or remain without the necessary discharge), and for wives who understand that the spouse is tired, and would gladly take everything into their own hands, but he does not allow them to use this position: Distortion of perception reaches the point that once in one popular newspaper a respectable scientist (sorry, I did not remember his last name!), being an adherent of "male superiority", said: they say, "the pose of a rider" leads to the degeneration of the nation - if a woman is on top at the moment of conception, then ugly children will be born: As they say - no comment.
It is interesting that the assessment of this pose is different for different women. Some women love this position - but not so much because they themselves can choose the necessary angle of contact between bodies and the rhythm of movement, but precisely because they want to psychologically feel "on top", above the man. Especially if in social life they are excessively crushed by the strong sex and they do not like it at all. And here is another group of women, despite their activity, this position is rather cold. Precisely because in this situation "the man lies and gets high , and you serve him:"
Of course, in all poses the possibility of mutual activity of partners is implied. Albeit to varying degrees: in the "man on top" position, a woman, as you know, can contribute to mutual (and, above all, her own) pleasure. In the same way as the partner in the "woman on top" position is also not deprived of the opportunity to move, to hug his partner to himself. But again, when the main role begins to play not physiological, but psychological, and in particular, the great opposition of the sexes becomes the main one - then conflicts arise.


This group of poses stands a little apart - precisely because, in fact, for sexual needs they are almost the most uncomfortable. Therefore, they are practiced not so often, and mainly for refined, sophisticated sex. Such poses provide precisely the equality of partners - primarily in growth. And although they give minimal freedom of movement in the pelvic area for both partners, they allow you to completely snuggle in the chest area and complete freedom for communication at eye level. And thus they confirm that human sex begins precisely from the head.
Yes , some men try to move a woman in this position, like an artificial vagina . But in the case when she sits on top of a seated man, it's hard. Therefore, when there is no desire to emphasize exactly equality and unity in the process of intimacy, but it is necessary to suppress or emphasize precisely your superiority - in such cases, sitting poses become especially unpopular:


Also a very specific group - from a psychological point of view. Yes, of course, this is a serious burden for partners, especially for a man who is forced to hold a woman in his arms, but just men (especially athletic, sharp, unrestrained) like these positions because of the feeling of complete possession of the partner. They can move it as if it were inanimate, hold it all "in their hands." By the way, women like this position for similar reasons: they say, this is how graceful I am, you can even have sex with me in this position: As you can see, the main selection criteria are again not physiological.
And one more feature. In fact, even the technique of these poses underlines one thing: they do not require any bed. They can be used for quick sex on the run. That is, it is an ideal option for partners who, in one way or another, want to emphasize the ease and transience of their intentions. (Of course, such positions are sometimes used by regular partners , but as a rule, as episodic adornments of their sex) After all, usually a couple, planning intimate contact, at least somehow thinks over what they will lie on or what to rely on - from a hotel room to the railing at the entrance. And in the case of a " standing pose " even that is not necessary - as they say, complete freedom! ..

POSITION "CANCER" or Doggy - style . "MAN IN THE BACK"

This posture, borrowed from animals, requires a separate discussion. Too many psychological problems and possible conflicts have accumulated around her.
Basically, this is one of the brightest examples of regression to animal poses. The person most likely used this pose very little initially, and even in the era of early promiscuity it was unlikely that it was very popular. But when social perceptions began to overlap on a person's sexual function (and thereby cause problems), people involuntarily began to have such associations: they say, everything is simple with animals! Maybe we should try how they are ?:
Now it is clear why animals are so simple. And even if you borrow their poses, everything can be just more complicated, as the case with this example shows.
A person differs from an animal , including powerful developed gluteal muscles, the presence of which is due to upright standing . And "technically" because of these muscles in the "back" position, penetration is generally even slightly difficult. However, this pose fell in love with many people (again, more men) precisely because of its social symbolism. In particular, partners do not see each other's faces, and the partner may not even know who she is mating with at all : By the way, this is precisely why this pose is popular in group contacts.
A man in this position also does not see his partner's face. And this brings him in certain cases, first of all, psychological pleasure: he seems to feel free from responsibility for the quality of sex. He does not notice the woman's small mimic reactions, and how can one not think about when it was pleasant for her, and when it was painful. When she moans or screams, we’ll sort it out there, they say. In the meantime, he is silent - so you don't need to worry about anything:
But of course, the most essential "social stratification" of this posture is the submission of the partner, and even the most real kneeling. Some men also like to bend the woman's head down at the same time: It is this position that appears in situations of rape most often (especially in those cases when the rapist is not so much important about sex with the victim as the fact of her humiliation). This pose generally symbolizes humiliation in a monkey flock (the so-called stand pose), and often in addition to sex: a weak male can be in this position in the presence of a strong one. Thus , the first, as it were, recognizes the superiority of the second (and without an accompanying sexual act!)
Therefore, many ladies do not like this position, even if it gives them physiological pleasure. Serious problems in such a case arise in those women whose main erogenous zones are the back and the back wall of the vagina. In this case, some options for the location of partners "woman on her knees, man behind" are almost ideal. But the pleasure received from physical influence can sometimes be completely blocked by unconscious non- sexual perception - a woman feels humiliated, she is ashamed, "uncomfortable", and thus she often does not have to think about any pleasure from stimulating erogenous zones. And choosing a different position - one in which the "secondary role" of a woman is not emphasized so clearly, she does not receive the physiological sensations necessary for relaxation.
B from and a possible cause of disharmony in bed. An equally difficult case arises when a partner insists on the "man from behind" position precisely as self-affirmation: In general, this is one of the favorite positions of those men who actually engage in sex primarily to assert their own significance - primarily in their own eyes. Often they are reputed to be Don Juans and seducers, but in reality it is not so much important for them to collect a collection or get more erotic pleasures; in sex, the main thing for them is to humiliate a woman in one way or another and thereby rise up himself. By the way, they would be happy to " fuck " a partner while standing, but the trouble is - as a rule, they did not come out for this either by height or by force:
N about it happens in another way: this pose may well be regarded as a pose of demonstrating trust. I already had to write that one of the most unprotected (and also embarrassing) places in our body is the buttocks area. In addition, it is precisely in the pope that the parents beat the child: Therefore, such a frank demonstration of this area to a partner, especially when the woman herself is deprived of the opportunity to defend herself (hands are used as support), is often an expression of boundless trust. In this case, the pose "man behind" is successfully used in harmonious married couples precisely as a variety of sex and a kind of confirmation of trusting relationships.
In this situation, a woman may well receive additional benefits. After all, another feature of this position is that it does not stimulate the woman's clitoris and her breast area by the partner's body - despite the fact that these are the main erogenous zones for many women! So again, it all depends on perception: in one case, this position is specially chosen because the partner does not care whether the lady gets pleasure or not (and it’s even better if she doesn’t get it (they say, this is not why I have it here, so that she also I got pleasure, you can not give a damn about her reactions at all), and in another situation, when there is harmony and trust between the spouses, this position can allow a man to caress his lady's breast or clitoris area, giving her additional pleasure (which is pleasant himself, as well as actually affection).
A few words can be said about the fact that this position is practically the only one possible for anal sex. And here, again, a lot depends on what is happening in the pair psychologically. That is, either this is the final humiliation of a woman, or the decoration of the already harmonious sex of loving people!
B from and it turns out that often in pairs, the main criteria for choosing your favorite positions are non-sexual. Of course, each situation requires an individual detailed analysis, especially a problem situation. But it’s just about the fact that in some cases it’s not worth blaming everything on the technique and suggesting new poses to a partner or partner who doesn’t get pleasure. It's just that all dissatisfaction can come from the fact that a person wants to receive, in addition to physiology, certain psychological associations in bed - say, to feel protected, but he gets something completely different - for example, the same feeling of suppression: And if a person has a persistent an intimate disorder, then before feeding him about ( her) with some aphrodisiac means or recommending another partner, it makes sense to delve into his own unconscious perception of sex. After all, as it turns out, people are people in order to feel, first of all, not with their head, but with their head.

The most different poses, positions, their meaning, secrets, specifics, dignity and compatibility are described by Viktor Vostokov "The Art of Love":
In India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, sexual relations have long been considered both an art and a science that deserves detailed study and practical application. He explains the ideology and subtleties of the erotic art "Kama Sutra"

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About to define the type of sexual constitution. There are three types of sexual constitution of a person - strong, medium and weak .

About defining your sexual: permissiveness, fulfillment , neuroticism , satisfaction / dissatisfaction, disappointment, shyness, chastity, aversion to sex, excitability, libido. Addiction to impersonal sex, pornography, physical sex, aggressive sex.

Poses in bed and other sex advice from df ilos.n. V. Zhirinovsky.

V. Zhirinovsky The most important position in sexual intercourse are positions in bed. The posture is adopted as a classic one: a woman facing a man, a man on top and active. But there are other poses that may well be recommended, and each has its own specific characteristics. In addition, within the framework of the main poses, there are options and varieties.

About the insertion of the penis into the vagina. An unambiguous recommendation can be made here. The insertion of the penis into the vagina, like any other manipulations with the penis, should be carried out exclusively by a woman. She can do this most conveniently for herself, she can also prevent too deep penetration of the penis, if for some reason it causes pain or inconvenience, she can also prevent sexual intercourse at all, if she wishes. The insertion of the penis into the vagina by the man himself often causes painful sensations in the wrong direction and looks like violence. Sometimes the penis cannot immediately penetrate deep into the vagina, especially if its inner surface is too dry and clean. This often happens after a bath. Only then, when a special secret is released from the walls of the vagina, the penis penetrates through the lubricant to its full depth.

Sometimes this is unpleasant, especially with a weakened male potency, when incomplete coverage by the influence of the penis can even cause its deerection . In this case, lubrication is used with special or even conventional creams, in extreme cases, with your own saliva. Then the penis penetrates well and immediately. However, at a young age, it is hardly worth abusing lubricants. After all, gradual penetration and even mild soreness causes special sensations for both men and women, which are hardly worth neglecting. Lubricants are definitely recommended for men in middle age and old age. But young guys shouldn't use them. Regular use of lubricants detrains the mechanisms for maintaining the longitudinal stiffness of the penis and the ability of the latter to withstand large longitudinal loads, for example, during intercourse with a virgin, during anal sex. These mechanisms need regular training to keep the penis stiff for as long as possible, and using dry intercourse gives the best workout.

A man, especially with a large and even medium-sized penis, should not immediately strive to push it in to its full depth, since the depth of the vagina may vary for different women , and if one woman is able to accept a large penis, then even a normal one for another - about fourteen centimeters in an erect state - can cause pain. Therefore, if this is your first sexual intercourse with this woman, be careful when pushing in the penis, and if you feel that his head rested, or you felt on your partner that she was hurt or unpleasant, sometimes out of a feeling of embarrassment, a woman is afraid to say this directly , stop pushing it in further. Have intercourse on an incompletely recessed penis, gradually you will be able to move it further. But be careful. Especially men with a large penis in an erect state - fifteen centimeters or more. Remember that you can inflict not only mental but also physical trauma on a woman. So, although the passion to stick your penis all the way to the stop is quite natural, it responds to the male sexual urge, but there must be self-restraint. In case of inconsistency in the size of the penis and vagina, special techniques can be used, which will be discussed below.

Let us now consider various positions in bed of partners during intercourse. The classic pose is a man and a woman facing each other lying down, the man on top. The woman's legs are spread and extended. The man lies with his upper body on the woman, unloading the weight of the body with the help of support on the elbows, the knees are slightly bent and take on part of the weight of his body. Various options are possible here:

The man moves up and down at an even and fast pace to almost the full amplitude of the penis. This is usually youthful, inexperienced intercourse. Such an act, as a rule, ends with a quick orgasm of a man, a woman often does not receive satisfaction. The man pushes his penis all the way in and makes only light swinging with a small amplitude, as if teasing and warming up the woman. The man lies motionless during the entire intercourse. The leading role is played by a woman who, with vertical movements of the pelvis, exerts a coitus effect on the penis.

Variable rhythm of movement of a man in combination with a variable depth of immersion of the penis.

Interruptible act. The man makes several movements of intercourse inside the vagina, then displays it. The woman caresses him with her hands, at the same time, if desired, caressing her own external genitals with her penis. Then the member is reinserted and so on several times.

In this pose, the relative position of the bodies of a man and a woman horizontally is of great importance. If a man's body is shifted forward in relation to a woman, the penis exerts more pressure on the anal wall of the vagina, when shifting down, towards the legs - on the pubic wall, while the man's penis is affected by the fracture, which can deliver special sensations. A man's movements do not have to be strictly vertical. They can also be directed sideways, a man can, by rotating his pelvis, give his penis complex movements and intravaginal influences. All this creates a diverse range of sexual sensations for men and women.

The movements of the woman are very important in this pose. A motionless and indifferent woman is the most disgusting thing that can happen to a man in the field of sex. Even in Pushkin his “humble woman” “barely answers,” but still she does. Without a woman's answer, this turns into something like necromancy , a sample of which was given by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky in the finale of the novel The Idiot. With a small amplitude of movement of the female pelvis, these movements should be in antiphase with the movements of the man. However, men highly value the high-amplitude movement of the female pelvis, the so-called swinging. They are carried out already in the phase with the movement of the male pelvis with a sharp inhibition of the female pelvis at the top point, due to which there is an almost complete departure of the penis from the vagina at the highest point and then, during the reverse movement, its full immersion for its entire value, which gives special frictional effects of saturated character.
The most important thing in this case is that there is a certain synchronicity between the movements of a man and a woman. Violation of this synchronicity is acutely felt by the man, dramatically reducing sexual pleasure. If for some reason this synchronicity is broken, it is better not to try to restore it on the go. It is better for a man to stop, usually a woman immediately calms down and you can start again your "sex dance". The movements of the female pelvis can also be more complex with rotations, swinging, etc. Let us also note one more important point that women often forget about, but men do not know. The inner walls of a woman's vagina are supplied with muscles. By the play of these internal muscles, a woman can exert such effects on the penis that create completely extraordinary sexual sensations for a man.

Thus , even within the framework of the classical routine posture, it is possible to create the most diverse in sensations and intensity of sexual influences from both men and women. Countless tunes can be played on the piano. So it is here. Amplitudes, tempos, rhythms and their changes, directions and everything else are like those keys, by combining which you can sing more and more new songs of sexual pleasure. Therefore, the notion that only unusual postures can give a variety of sexual pleasures is devoid of any foundation. Even within a single pose, there is an endless variety of sexy songs.

Let us now consider some varieties of the classic pose. In some women, the opening to the vagina is displaced downward towards the anus. As a result, the man's penis in the usual position does not penetrate to the desired depth. In this case, the woman can be recommended to raise her legs and cross them on the man's back. The opposite is the case when the entrance is placed too high. In this case, the most sensitive part of the penis - the upper surface of its head - does not exert the necessary pressure on the pubic wall of the vagina and the necessary irritating frictional force does not arise on this highly sensitive part of the male member. As a result, the strength of the sexual feeling is weakened. In this case, we can recommend the following option. The man stretches his legs, and raises the body, bending in the lower back and leaning on straight arms.

A woman can lie with her legs brought together or even crossed. In the first case, the man can, if his weight allows, completely lie on the woman, stretching his legs straight along the woman's legs. This position is recommended when the vagina is wide. In this case, the penis is pinched and the sexual feeling is enhanced. At the same time, in this position, the penetration depth of the penis decreases. Therefore, this position is recommended when the penis is too large for a woman.

A particularly effective limitation of the depth of penetration of the penis occurs during intercourse face to face, but lying on its side. It is best to insert the penis in a classic position, and then, without removing the penis, roll onto your side. With a very large penis, this method can be recommended as the safest and most acceptable.

The next most common posture in bed is face to face, with the man on the bottom and the woman on top. In this case, the woman sits on the man. Rising and falling, the woman plays an active role. Own active role, the ability to regulate the areas of irritation and their intensity at will and feeling, lead to the fact that this position most contributes to the woman's orgasm, and she reaches it most quickly. In addition, in this position, a very deep penetration of the penis into the vagina occurs, and the woman herself can regulate this process.

For men with a small penis, it is very beneficial. She is also loved by men with a “man-woman” sexual-psychological make-up, because here the woman herself puts on the penis and plays an active role, while the man can be completely indifferent. All of the above allows us to recommend this pose as one of the most interesting . Any married couple, in our opinion, should have this pose in their “repertoire”.

A woman can lie on a man. But this already gives other sexual sensations, however, apparently, more favorable for men. Therefore, we can recommend the joint use of the last two poses. They begin sexual intercourse in the insertion position, in which the woman receives satisfaction, then they move on to the reversed classical position and the man, imitating the actions of the woman in the usual classical position, brings himself to orgasm.
The eastern pose is also carried out face to face, when a man sits, and a woman sits on his knees, clasping his waist with her legs. And the last face-to-face position is standing intercourse. This position requires great strength and is used mainly in youthful sex, when there are no appropriate comfortable conditions. It can be called the pose of the porches, because it is with such sex that dates of young people often end.

The position in which a woman turns her back to her partner, for some reason, was considered reprehensible in folk sexology, although there is not an ounce of common sense in this statement. This is a typical prejudice. This pose is as moral as any other. Generally about morality in sexual relations. All moral problems lie before sexual relations. There is a question - is it moral or immoral to enter into an intimate relationship. But if you have already solved this problem for yourself, then at the stage of sexual relations themselves there are no moral questions. There are no moral problems at all in sex. All moral problems lie, as they say in programming, surrounded by sex.

Sex is deeply surrounded by moral issues. But in fact, in sex itself there are only aesthetic problems, problems of pleasure. And nothing, absolutely nothing else. Pleasure and pleasure. Sex is generally a completely useless thing. Earlier there was still a connection with conception and childbirth. Now this connection has become very, very weak. Indeed, in order to conceive a single child, as is common in a modern family, it takes only one, albeit ten, sexual acts, and by no means tens of thousands, as is typical for the sexual life of a modern person. Sex serves nothing but sex itself, sex is an intrinsic value , in contrast to such, for example, spheres of activity as thinking for the development of society, childbearing and raising children for the continuation of humanity, etc.

But it is sex that creates a purely human atmosphere of pleasure and joy, creates the very concept of human happiness, creates incentives for the struggle for happiness, and this struggle is already taking place in completely different socially significant and socially useful spheres.

Why does a businessman want to make a lot of money? To a large extent, and in order to have a lot of sex and sex of high quality, sex with the best women. Why does a person strive for politics? To benefit people? Quite possible. But the public good does not mean a denial of the personal . On the contrary, it is desirable that they walk together. And the most important personal benefit of a young man is sex. For young people, sex is the primary engine of their activity. This is how the social role of sex is indirectly realized.

Why in the actual sphere of sex there are only questions of pleasure and pleasure. It is immoral, for example, to cheat on your husband just to annoy him for not giving money for a ring with a ruby , even if you gave yourself up to the first person you came across in the most legalized position and kept yourself extremely modest. But it is moral to enter into sexual relations with a loved one, at least if the interests of third parties are not affected here, in whatever forms, postures and quantities this relationship proceeds.

As for why, remember very firmly, we repeat once again: in fact, in sex there is no place for the concept of "morality". The central concept in sex is pleasure. All is well that it increases. It's bad that it reduces it. This is how the problem of "sex and morality" should be solved. All morality before sex. And sex lies in an environment thickly surrounded by ethical issues. But inside sex they are not. That is why if we talk about the ethical issues of sex, it means that we mean exactly the ethics of "sexual environment".

Therefore, the posture “man behind” is also moral, like any other. The main feature of this position is that in this case the penis penetrates, as a rule, much deeper than in the face-to-face position, and here the woman has almost no opportunity to regulate the depth of its penetration into the vagina. Another feature of this position is that the erogenous zone of the man around his penis is also involved in creating sexual feeling, the man's pubis and his testicles touch and sink into the tender buttocks of the woman. Therefore, men like this position. It is especially suitable for men with a relatively small penis. There can be several variations of this pose.

Doggystyle or Doggie Pose . The woman gets down on all fours, the man kneels on the bed, or on the floor. And although many people highly value intercourse in this position, it is difficult to recommend it to everyone, since it is a rather difficult position for a woman. Many women often have a backache after such a sexual act, their hands get tired, since the entire "blow" of the male body falls on the woman's hands, she may have lower back pain. With a long penis, this position is generally unacceptable, since here the man's movements are of a shock nature with extremely deep penetration of the penis. Women in it rarely get pleasure, since in this position the woman is completely passive and has no contact with the man's body except through his penis. This position can be recommended as a spicy "sexy dish" for a man. But the other option deserves a fairly widespread use. The woman and the man lie on one side, the man in the back of the woman's head. The woman draws her legs up. The man lies down somewhat obliquely. The penis is inserted from behind. This pose has a number of benefits.

Firstly, it is the most “secluded”, and this is a very important factor for married couples who share their bedroom with children or other family members. Alas, this is still “taking place”. Therefore, this pose can be safely called “the pose of communal apartments”, in this pose generations of Soviet children were conceived.

Secondly, this pose requires the least expenditure of physical efforts from partners among all poses, because the woman lies here without any load, and the partner's movements, in principle, can be reduced only to swaying the upper body. Therefore, for the elderly, this position may be preferable. Sexual intercourse in this position can continue for a long time without fatigue, and can be freely suspended. At the same time, the arousal ability, especially in relation to a woman, can be significantly enhanced by the man's caresses with his hands on the woman's most erogenous zones - her pubis, labia, buttocks.

In general, it should be noted that caresses can continue in the process of the sexual intercourse itself, while each position has its most comfortable caressing zones . In the described position, these are the labia, clitoris and pubis of the woman, and the woman caresses the testicles of the man. In the classic pose, a man can caress a woman with kisses, and a woman caresses a man's back and buttocks. In the "putting on" position, it is convenient for a man to caress a woman's breasts. In the "cancer" pose, the object of the man's caresses is the woman's back and buttocks.

And finally, the pose of a man and a woman standing, the woman bends over, the man behind. This position is convenient when washing together in a bath or bath. In the novel "Germinal" Zola just describes this position as the most widespread in miners' families when their wives wash their miners after work. This position is highly recommended when a man and a woman are washing together under the shower, while the water sprinkling from above creates a special sexual feeling. Such intercourse is good to carry out as the first introductory intercourse with thorough, for example, all night long, dates between a woman and a man.

The chapter "Poses have the most important position in sexual intercourse" from the book "The ABC of Sex", V. Zhirinovsky, V. Yurovitsky .

Poses, by country and continent.

If in Europe, during sexual intercourse, the "missionary position" is generally adopted, then on other continents each nationality, sometimes even each tribe, has its own position.

So, for example, in Africa the Fulbe , Wokka and Durfu peoples adopted the "European position" from the missionaries. The "Ethiopian position", in addition to Ethiopia, is adopted by the Shamba , Bassari , Baya , Naji and Akposso peoples . The Ethiopian position is that the man is squatting. The woman clasps the back of the man's head with her hands, and her legs lie on his lower back.

Akpossos slightly changed the Ethiopian position: the woman's legs are raised even higher and lie on the man's shoulders. The Bafiote , Boom and Mazan tribes have intercourse on their side . The Shamba people began to adopt the "European position" from the Fulbe .

In Sudan, coitus occurs while standing. The woman bends forward, resting her hands on her knees, the husband is behind. In Zanzibar, the husband lies on his back and the wife sits astride. The most varied positions are in India. So, in the Tandan tribe, the man is always on top of the woman. In the higher castes of India, it is customary for the husband to be under the woman. Most in India prefer coitus on the back side.

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