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Our site is about the psychology of love between a man and a woman.

Our site is about the psychology of love between a man and a woman. happy family

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Psychology of Love

1. History of the culture of love feelings. Beginning E. Pushkarev.

2. Classifications of love relationships. E. Pushkarev.

3. Different feelings of love and being in love. E. Pushkarev.

3.2. Poor quality falling in love. E. Pushkarev

4. Poor quality falling in love - mania. E. Pushkarev.

5. Poor quality falling in love - ludus. E. Pushkarev.

6. Poor quality falling in love - eros. E. Pushkarev.
        6. Poor quality falling in love - eros. E. Pushkarev. The ending. Types of sexual constitution. Love and lust.

Love addictions. E. Pushkarev.

7. Appearance and other factors affecting love feelings. E. Pushkarev.

Height and weight of famous, famous women.

8. True love, it is also compatible love. E. Pushkarev. Igor and Alla Ugolnikovs

9. Friendship + Love = Philia. E. Pushkarev.

10. Culture of longevity of love. A culture of separation grief. E. Pushkarev.

11. From disharmony in choosing a marriage partner to harmony. E. Pushkarev

12. About self-love. E. Pushkarev

13. Ecology of the culture of love. E. Pushkarev

        Drama of love. E. Pushkarev

        "Romantic love": aspects, analysis and consequences. E Pushkarev

        All articles about romantic love, almost an encyclopedia.

        Psychiatric confusion with love in school literature. E. Pushkarev

        Consumer society and its antilove essence. E. Pushkarev

        The concept of love in polyamory: components of a discourse about multiple love relationships. K. Klesse

        The religion of love. R. Precht

        Fucked up and hypersexual. R. Precht

        War of the sexes. A. Sobolevsky

        Love and social subordination of women.

        Imitation of love. A. Sedykh

        A confused man before the face of love. S. Markov

        How to be unloved, or the Factory of love. V. Erofeev

        "... when the kiss is over" (about a love story without love) V. Dolinsky

        Psychological national emotional security and intellectual security. R. Garifullin

        Love and robots. Will Humanity Become Digisexual? F.G. Maylenova

14. Man and woman: leadership in love and marriage. E. Pushkarev

15. How to get rid of "love"? E. Pushkarev

16. Psychological health is a prerequisite for love. E Pushkarev

17. Who how loves. E. Pushkarev

18. "First love" is an important step in puberty. E. Pushkarev

19. Adultery from different sides. E. Pushkarev

20. The second stage of love mania and Anna Karenina. E. Pushkarev

21. About Professor Helen Fisher and true love. E. Pushkarev

21.2. Take the Helen Fisher test

22. The essence of love. E. Pushkarev

23. "Romantic love": aspects, analysis and consequences. E Pushkarev
        All articles about romantic love, almost an encyclopedia.

25. Psychiatric confusion with love in school literature. E. Pushkarev

26. The consumer society and its antilove essence. E. Pushkarev

27. If you eliminate the confusion of love with pseudo-loves. E. Pushkarev

28. What is love. E. Pushkarev

29. Is love an emotion, a feeling or what? E. Pushkarev

30. How to distinguish love from falling in love and other pseudo-love. E. Pushkarev

31. The concept of "love". E. Pushkarev

32. Falling in love. E. Pushkarev

33. Briefly about love. E. Pushkarev

34. Man and woman: relationships. Articles
        Man and woman: relationships. Books and videos.

35. How to understand a guy. E. Pushkarev

36. Man and woman: compatibility, love. E. Pushkarev

37. I fell in love ... Memo to a man in love. E. Pushkarev

38. Is love a disease? E. Pushkarev

39. This is a malicious word "love". E. Pushkarev

Love! Good or bad?

Love! Good or bad? Psychological dimensions. E. Pushkarev

Read, download a free book.

Introduction. E. Pushkarev

17. About health. E. Pushkarev

52. Stories from the life of the "ENLIGHTED LOVE" Club . E. Pushkarev

53. Conclusion. E. Pushkarev


Erich Fromm about love (excerpts from books)

1. Escape from freedom.
        1. Escape from freedom. (end)

2. A man for himself E. Fromm
        A man for himself. part 2
        A man for himself. part 3
        A man for himself. part 4
        A man for himself. part 5
        A man for himself. part 6
        A man for himself. part 7
        A man for himself. part 8
        A man for himself. part 9
        A man for himself. part 10

Self-love, self-love and self-interest.
        Self-love, self-love and self-interest. part2
        Self-love, self-love and self-interest. Part3
        Self-love, self-love and self-interest. part4

3. Healthy life

5. To have or to be
        5. To have or to be. ending

Especially highlighted signs of love from E. Fromm and comments.
        Definition of love and its signs.
        Pseudo-love. Start.
        Pseudo-love. the ending.
        Falling in love is one of the forms of pseudo-love.
        On the destructive influence of the "consumer society" on sexual love.
        Steps of mastering the art of love, offered by E. Fromm.
        Criticism of E. Fromm's ideas and proposals.
        Rating of E. Fromm's ideas and discoveries.

The art of love. E. Fromm (fragments)

Love and its decay in modern society. E. Fromm
        Love and its decay in modern society. E. Fromm. part 2
        Love and its decay in modern society. E. Fromm. part 3
        Love and its decay in modern society. E. Fromm. part 4
        Love and its decay in modern society. E. Fromm. part 5

Is "first love" real ? A. Babin, N. Anikina

Dynamics and factors of ideas about love and marriage among young people. M. Kushcheva, A. Guyo, O. Sergeeva, V. Ryabushkina.

Addiction (compulsive) love. M. Litvak

Healthy and addictive love. M. Litvak

Love addiction. K. Horney, P. Kutter, O. Murzina.

"Love" neurotic. M. Litvak. start ; end

"Love is a rare thing." M. Litvak

Legends and myths of modern sexology. M. Litvak

V. Frankl about love. M. Litvak

Why don't normal men come across ?. M. Litvak

Sigmund Freud about love.
        Sigmund Freud about love. continued
        Sigmund Freud about love. ending

Freudianism, psychoanalysis. L. Stolyarenko

Freud: the origins of lust. D. Ackerman

Psychoanalysis and the degradation of romantic love. S. Michell

Falling in love and hypnosis. S. Freud

Paradoxes of love. V. Medvedev

Freud and Eros. Rollo May

Freud and Puritanism. Rollo May

Sigmund Freud's concept of sexuality. V.M. Rosin

Psychoanalytic views on love. P. Cutter

We. The deepest aspects of romantic love. Robert A. Johnson. Fragments.
        1. What is love, what is romance and what is the difference between them.
        2 One of the basic needs of a modern person is to learn to distinguish between earthly love, which is the basis of any relationship, and romantic love. < / A>
Soul is not a common word used in vain, and not a prejudice.
        4 Love is a feeling directed at another person, not your own passion.
        5 One of the great paradoxes of romantic love is that it has nothing to do with earthly relationships.
        6. Romantic love, following its paradoxical nature, constantly fools us.
        7. About earthly love
        8. We can learn a lot about human love by looking at Eastern culture and its traditions.

Twelve rules for healthy love. Tracy Cabot.

Poses in sex from the point of view of ... psychology.

Poses in sex from the point of view of ... psychology.

Why is love sometimes painful? O. Kurakin

Neurotic love. O. Kurakin

Five languages ​​of love. Geri Chapman (with abbreviations)
        Chapter 1. What happens to love after the wedding?
        Chapter 2. The vessel of love must be full.
        Chapter 3. Falling in love.
        Chapter 4. The language of love # 1: Words of approval.
        Chapter 5. The language of love # 2: Quality time.
        Chapter 6. Language of love # 3: Receiving gifts.
        Chapter 7. Love Language # 4: Acts of Service.
        Chapter 8. Love language # 5: physical touch.
        Chapter 9. How to determine your primary love language.
        Chapter 10. Love is a choice.
        Chapter 12. To love the unloved.

Triangular theory of love. R. J. Strenberg

Love and addiction. S. Peel, A. Brodsky (fragments).
        Erich Fromm: the positive concept of love.
        Criteria for distinguishing between love and addiction.
        Society, family and children.

Mature sexy love and sexy couple. Otto Kernberg.

"How to keep love." Vaughan James & Peggy

Wolffolk Joan's Life-Long Honeymoon
        Be his mistress, not his wife. Personal experience.
        Overcoming difficulties that kill joy in marriage.
        Honeymoon for life, let's start all over again.

"Intimate enemy: how to quarrel honestly in love and marriage." George R. Bach

The paradox of passion: she loves him, but he doesn't " Dean Kelis, K. Phillips.
        Tactics of love behavior
        "First love" and its outcome. start
        "First love" and its outcome. end
        When to leave. part1
        When to leave. part2
        When to leave. part3
        When to leave. part4

Falling in love and love. V. Albisetti

Courtly love. O. Smolitskaya

Love relationships and their violations. A.Adler ; part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4

Demystifying love. A. Orlov ; part 2 ; part 3

Love test: “scale of love and sympathy” by Z. Rubin. E. Pushkarev

Open question: what do you think love is?

Deficient love and love of life A. Maslow. R.Frager, D.Fademan

Love and self-actualization. A. Maslow

The myth of romantic love. Morgan Scott Peck

Love is not a feeling. Morgan Scott Peck

Love is disciplined. Morgan Scott Peck

Love is separation. Morgan Scott Peck

Romantic love and sexual addiction. Ts.P. Korolenko. start ; part 2 ; part 3

Individual psychological determinants of love addiction in girls. S. Skvortsova

Love addiction. Love or addiction? N. M. Manturova, A. V. Ogneva

On the problem of psychological research of the meaning of love: methodology, hypotheses, methods, results. E. Varaksina, L. Demina

Neurotic need for love. Karen Horney.

Psychosexology. Konstantin Selchenok

K.S. Lewis

LOVE. E. Kirchler

"Love" and mental health professionals. Stephen B. Levine.

Tomography of love. A. Markov

The chemistry of love. Components of attraction, infatuation, affection, and separation. D. Amen

What must be overcome in order not to be afraid of love? P. Cutter

Love and sexual addictions. A. Egorov

Women who are unlucky in love. V. Moskalenko.

The roots of “bad luck in love”. V. Moskalenko.

Valentina Moskolenko: the most important thing is not to strangle your loved one in your arms. V. Lukshina

Psychological features of the organization of dependent love in women. A. Kotsyuba

Love or addiction? V. Moskalenko

The origin of love addiction. G. Starshenbaum

Harmonious relationships, from sympathy to love. E. Gavrilova

Love, Sex, Partnership: Orientations of Moscow Students L. Borusyak

Gender aspects of the phenomenon of love. S. Turutina

Women who love too much. R. Norwood

You love a man who doesn't love you. R. Norwood

Death for love. R. Norwood

Sexy man. Sexual culture. F.I. Minushev

What is love as a kind of psychological reality? L. Gozman, N. Azhgikhina

Lies and love in the imaginations of young people. D. Pogontseva, A. Chugui

Psychological features of love addiction and ways to overcome it. A. Fedosova

Sexual signals and true love. M. Lusher

The idea of ​​love for a husband (wife), boyfriend (girlfriend) among young people. T. Andreeva

The concept of romantic love in Western European culture: retrospectives, perspectives. O. Karpacheva

Love and sexual addiction. A. Tarayants

Falling in love (explains the ethologist). V. Dolnik

Love vs pseudo-love, or about love addiction. S. Clemin

Dramatic falls in love of famous people that did not make them happy.

  • Abelard and Eloise
  • Raphael and Fornarina
  • Petrarch and Laura
  • Denis Diderot and Anna
  • Balzac and Ghana
  • Frederic Chopin and Georges Sand
  • I.S. Turgenev and P. Viardot
  • Ivan Andreevich Krylov and Anyuta
  • Alfreda Nobile and Sophie Hess
  • Sophia Kovalevskaya
  • Galina Dyakova and Paul Eluard
  • Galina Dyakova and Salvador Dali
  • Zh-P. Sartre and S. de Beauvoir
  • V. Mayakovsky and L. Brik
  • A. Blok and L. Mendeleeva
  • S. Yesenin and A. Duncan
  • A. Hitler and E. Brown
  • A. Pugacheva and F. Kirkorov
  • L. Senchina and I. Talkova

    Examples of true love.

            Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezukhov.
            Karl and Jenny Marx.
            Charles Chaplin and Una O "Neal.
            Tikhon Nikolaevich and Klara Arnoldovna Khrennikovs.
            Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
            Boris Nikolaevich and Naina Iosifovna Yeltsin.
            Mikhail Sergeevich and Raisa Maksimovna Gorbachev.
            Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin.
            Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev
            Leonid and Nina Kuravlevs
            Maria Pakhomenko and Alexander Kolker
            Paul and Linda McCartney
            Igor and Alla Ugolnikovs
            Garik and Olga Sukachev

    Socionics of love

    How love is considered in socionics. Pushkarev E.A.

    1. The dual nature of man. Aushra Augustinavichiute
            1. The nature of erotic feelings

    socionics. types         2. Problems of psychological complementarity
            3 Advantages of C.G. Jung's typology
            4. Sense of humor and 16 types of IM
            5. What interests whom and who understands what
            6. Consciousness of love
            7. Human qualities that should be considered when choosing a partner
            8. What gives a person a mental supplement.
            9. Manifesting feelings in premarital friendship ...
            10. Afterword by the author.
            11. List of famous persons and literary heroes, qualified by type of IM.

    2. What socionics can do. O. Slinko.

    3. Description of signs of socionic types.

    4. 16 types in love. J. Tewson, O. Kroeger.
            4. 16 types in love. J. Tewson, O. Kroeger. ending

    5. Duality is a vital necessity. Anatoly Grechinsky, Tatiana Pedan.

    6. An ode to dual contact. Shulman G.A.

    7. Female types. Yu. Simonov, A. Nemirovsky ("How to look for a life partner") beginning
            7. Female types. Yu. Simonov, A. Nemirovsky ("How to look for a life partner") ending

    8. The table of relations between sociotypes A. Augustinavichiute.
            1.D - Dual relations or full complement
            2. T - Identical relationship
            3. A - Relations activation
            4. З - Mirror relationship
            5.pD - Relations half-padding
            6.ro - Related relationship
            7.kt - Relations quasi-identities
            8.e - Business relationship
            9.K - Conflict relationship
            10. M - Mirage relationship
            11. P; p Social order relations (P - Transmitter or Customer, p - Receiver or Sub-order .
            12.se - Relations superego
            13.p - Relationship of the complete opposite
            14. P; р Relations revisions (P - auditor, p - audited).

    9. Socionic test E.S. Filatova

    11. On the relationship of the dual. V.M. Shlaina

    12. Slogans and slogans about love.

    13. Temperaments in love. Most! Most!

    15. Is it necessary to type all indiscriminately? E. Pushkarev

    16. Characters and recommendations. V.V. Meged

    17. Or maybe well, her tries this duality. Tatiana Pedan, Anatoly Grechinsky.

    18. Sexual preferences of psychotypes.

    Disappointed in duality. E. Pushkarev

    20. Sexual compatibility of socionic psychotypes. A.V. Bukalova, A.G. Boyko

    21. 16 personality types — 16 types of handwriting. I. Shchegolev

    22. Dual pair and dualization of Hugo - Robespierre. Meged V.V

    23. Riddles of Sexual Compatibility. V.V. Meged.

    24. Do you have another dual for me? V. I. Stratievskaya

    26. Sexual characteristics of introverts / extroverts. L. Akimova

    28. Descriptions of Socionic Types by functions and aspects of Model A.

    30. The way to a man's heart and ... back. L. Beskova, E. Udalova.

    32. The everyday life of a dual relationship. I. Beletskaya, S. Beletsky

    34. Dual relationships: myths and reality. A. Devyatkin, Yu. Isaev, T. Prokofieva

    36. About dual relationships, team. All articles.

    37. Dualization and sex: on the problem of optimal choice of a life partner. A. Shiyan

    39. Mutual assistance and intimacy in dual couples. A. Grechinsky, T. Pedan.

    Inner harmony. A. Grechinsky T. Pedan

    How to find your way and a loved one. A. Grechinsky, T. Pedan

    Relationship correction. A. Grechinsky, T. Pedan

    Favorite or dual. A. Grechinsky, T. Pedan

    Stress. A. Grechinsky, T. Pedan

    41. Dual relationships. A. Barsova

    43. Socionic temperament. V. Stukas, E. Untilova

    45. A meaningful description of psychotypes

    47. Function theory. Functionics. Augustinavichiute personality model

    Psychological health is essential for love.

    Psychological health is a prerequisite for love. E. Pushkarev

    Anthem of people with a creative, higher level of psychological health

    On the feeling of insecurity. O. Martynova

    "ABOUT LOVE FOR YOURSELF" from John Powell 's book "HOW TO STAY IN LOVE" ; part 2 ; part 3.

    "ABOUT DIALOGUE" from John Powell 's book "HOW TO STAY IN LOVE"

    Self-love, self-love and self-interest. E. Fromm

    Great and terrible mother? C. Lynov

    Marriage crises. Married sex. A. Babin

    A few words in defense of the sold femininity. N. Anikina, A. Babin

    Be yourself. A. Babin

    Take and give. A. Babin

    Dynamics and factors of ideas about love and marriage among young people. M. Kushcheva, A. Guyo, O. Sergeeva, V. Ryabushkina.

    Signs of neuroticism: no longer the norm, but not yet pathology. I. and L. Shiryaevs

    Principles and rights of a confident person. I. and L. Shiryaevs

    Love is not for the infantile! Evgeniya Belyakova

    Infantiles from the stronger sex. V. Klimov

    I want to understand myself. I. and L. Shiryaevs

    Who needs professional psychological help and in what cases? I. and L. Shiryaevs

    Psychological resistances and defenses. I. and L. Shiryaevs

    Types of relationships and psychological defenses. V. P. Mikhailova, N. I. Korytchenkova, L. M. Matyushenko, T. Yu. Osipova

    Myths of pop - psychology of success. S. Stepanov

    Syndrome of choosing a "safe partner" in women victims of sexual violence. M. Reutsky

    Modern sex and marriage - myths and reality. V.G.Taktarov, R.V. Beleda

    Psychotherapy of family relationships.

    Sexuality, female and male orgasms.

    Sex in the family and at work. M.E. Litvak.

    Sexuality. Robert Crooks, Karla Baur.

    Sexual Injury Rating.

    Sex and the average woman (or average man). G. Eysenck, G. Wilson

    Therapy of conjugal love. V. Albisetti

    About humiliation of love life. Z. Freud. ; part 2

    Cognitive statements of Z. Freud. ; part 2

    Marilyn Monroe syndrome. S. Izraelson, E. Makavoy

    Test for detecting love addiction according to Egorov.
    Screening test for sexual addiction according to Carnes.

    The concept of intrapersonal conflict, its features and classification. N. Loban

    Resolution of intrapersonal conflict.

    Self-actualized people - a study of psychological health. A. Maslow

    Pleasure in women's autobiographies: script change and sexuality redefinition. A. Temkina

    Purposeful development of personality: what you can change in yourself. V. Odintsov

    Sexual relationships in love as a source of personal growth. T. Vlasova

    Essays based on K. Horney's book "The neurotic personality of our time." D. Martynenko

    Causes of mental health disorders. A. Shuvalov

    Love and selfishness.

    Rejuvenating meditation. A. Medvedev

    Who needs psychotherapy? E. Zolotukhina-Abolina

    Your own psychotherapist! E. Zolotukhina-Abolina

    Human psychological health. A. Shuvalov

    The main signs of a psychologically healthy person and his love. M. Litvak

    A few words for self-diagnosis of neurosis. M. Litvak

    Mechanism of neurosis formation. M. Litvak

    Psychology of loneliness. M. Litvak

    Express - diagnostics of neurosis and the level of neurotization. E. Milyutina

    Why don't men love me! E. Milyutina

    Psychosomatics, relationships and health. K. Tepperwein

    Managing human life: a research program. A. Bagaev

    Personal characteristics of single women seeking psychological help. N. Tsvetkova

    Psychotechnics in modern psychology. Evgeny Uvarov

    NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming as an integral method of psychotherapy. Evgeny Uvarov

    Is it possible to raise a Personality without love for a Child?

    Psychological assistance

    Love relationship in a couple. K. Valko

    Love addiction among university students: connection with other dependent behaviors and personal autoaggression. O. Zh. Buzik, A.D. Efimova

    Three books on the benefits of running. Free Download

    It's useless to work on relationships. A. Yudin

    Love in the family and around.

    The evolution of ideas about love and marriage in the last two centuries. V.M. Rosin

    Problems of love in the context of the contradictions of the modern family. V.M. Rosin

    Family traditions or personal freedom? V.M. Rosin

    What is the main thing in family life? V.M. Rosin

    Freudian interpretation of the problem. V.M. Rosin

    Women are to blame for everything ... V.М. Rosin

    Is everything all right in our house? V.M. Rosin

    Is it possible to build a modern family on love? V.M. Rosin

    Romantic love and marriage allies or enemies?

    Overview: love in the family in different countries. E. Pushkarev

    Love and marriage. A. Adler

    Love in marriage. E. Whit, G. Patkins.

    Love affair: it can happen to you! E. Whit, G. Patkins

    Love: solving a mystery. E. Whit, G. Patkins

    Manifestation of love in the intimate life of spouses. E. Whit, G. Patkins B

    Romantic love is a delightful factor. E. Whit, G. Patkins

    How to save your marriage yourself. E. Whit, G. Patkins

    The cycle of love among the people. I. A. Morozov, I. S. Sleptsov.

    "Love to create a great desire": love and sexuality. Ancient Russia XI-XIII centuries V. Dolgov

    "A good wife is a crown to her husband and sorrow": relations in the family. Ancient Russia XI-XIII centuries V. Dolgov

    Marital problems, conflicts, divorces.

    Jealousy through the eyes of a psychotherapist. A. Poleev

    Riddles of human sexuality. A. Poleev

    Divorce from a psychological, scientific point of view. L. Gozman

    Family statistics.

    Factors of marital compatibility

    Sex positions - "KAMA-SUTRA"

    Poses in sex - the end of the twentieth century. F. M. Rossiter

    Love. A family. L. Sobchik

    Why do men leave their families? D. Carnegie

    Husband and wife in the family: social roles. A. Sergeeva.

    Is a happy marriage possible in the era of the sexual revolution? T. Brykova

    Marriage, creation, improvement. Question answer. D. Novikov

    What if the fire of passion is extinguished? A. Parfenova

    Holy Scripture about love and marriage. I. Meyendorf

    Angelic qualities. An introduction to understanding men. H. Andelin

    Sex in human culture. Psychological functions of sex. S. Nartova-Bochaver, K. Bochaver, S. Bochaver

    All articles, books and videos about sex, orgasms (M and F) and their implications.

    The institution of marriage in the novel "Anna Karenina" by M. Zalambani.

    Sexual and family disharmony. M. Beilkin

    How to make peace with a man in 15 minutes. K. Volgina

    Love and jealousy. E. Ilyin

    Women's secrets. First Sexual Experience: Stories from Real Women. Vit

    Stimulating the sexual desire of partners. E. Kashchenko

    Beautiful madness of conjugal love. P. Brueckner

    Interview about love.

    Interview 1. About love, falling in love and how they differ. start
    part 2; part 3; part 4; part 5.

    Interview 2. Poor love is a mania. start
    V. Mayakovsky and L. Brik part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4 ; part 5 ; part 6 ; part 7 ; part 8 ; part 9.

    Interview 3. Poor love - ludus and eros. start
    part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4 ; part 5 ; part 6 ; part 7 ; part 8 ; part 9 ; part 10.

    Interview about love. ending

    Interview 4. Compatible love (it is real, family, protective). start
    part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4 ; part 5 ; part 6 ; part 7 ; part 8 ; part 9 ; part 10.

    Interview 5. "Culture of longevity of love. Culture of separation grief. Beginning ;         end

    Interview 6. From disharmony in choosing a marriage partner to harmony. Acquaintance. start ; part 2 ; part 3

    Interview 7. Whoever likes it. start ; end

    Interview 8. The story of love feelings. start ; end

    Interview 9. About self-love. start ; part 2 ;   part 3.

    Interview 10. Final. start ; end

    Philosophers, writers and other intellectuals about love.

    Eros and Culture: Philosophy of Love and European Art. V.P. Shestakov Plato
    A short illustrated guide with links to a place in the book. ; part2 ; part3
    Chapter 1. Philosophy of love in Ancient Greece and Rome
                    1. The mythology of love ; part 2
                    2. Love as a Logos
                    3. Antique Erotica ; part 2
                    4. Eros and art ; part 2
    Chapter 2. Eros and Agape: Philosophy of Love in the Middle Ages ; part 2 ; part 3
    Chapter 3. Renaissance: philosophy of love and beauty
                    1. Traditions of courtly love
                    2. Ficino and Plato's Academy ; part 2
                    3. About love and beauty of women
                    4. Neoplatonic motives in the art of the Renaissance ; part 2 ; part 3
    Chapter 4. Love as an affect
    Chapter 5. Idealism and Romanticism
                    1. German idealism in search of the moral basis of love
                    2. Theory of romantic love
                    3. Post-Romanticism: Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche ; part 2
                    4. The phenomenon of love in 19th century art
    Chapter 6. Philosophy of love in Russia ; part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4
    Chapter 7. Love, sex and violence in 20th century culture ; part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4 ; part 5 ; part 6

    Literature has played a huge role in the love cult. Menshikov M.O. ; part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4

    Superstitions and the truth of love. M.O. Menshikov ; part 2 ; part 3 ; part 4 ; part 5 ; part 6 ; part 7 ; part 8 ; part 9

    The theme of love in the philosophy of Z. Gippius. Zhigulina O.

    Z.N. Gippius and D.S. Merezhkovsky

    Love and new morality. A.M. Kollontai

    Philosophy of love and philosophy of sexuality: in the history of the development of human culture and modern psychoanalysis. V.P. Petrov ; part 2 ; part 3

    Intimacy transformation. Sexuality, love and eroticism in modern societies. E. Giddens (fragments) beginning
    part 2 Romantic love and other affections ;
    part 3 Gender and love ;
    part 4 Love, affection and pure relationships ;
    part 5 Romantic love versus love - merging ;
    part 6 Intimacy, relationship, parenting ;
    part 7 The meaning of democracy ;
    part 8 Democratizing personal life

    The ideal of romantic love in the “post-romantic era” R. G. Apresyan. start
    part 2 Romantic love, as is usually believed, can occur “at first sight” ;
    part 3 What is confluent love? ;
    part 4 The classical opposition of heavenly and earthly love rested ;
    part 5 The existential need for love is resolved in different ways

    Book review: E. Giddens. Transformation of Intimacy. Sexuality, love and eroticism in modern societies. E. Vovk

    Review of the book by Antoni Giddens "Transfomation of Intimacy" I. Tartakovskaya

    What is confluent love "? V. Shapovalov

    Signs of love. Jose Ortega y Gasset. Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4

    The concept of love in world culture. A. Lukov, Vl. A. Lukov. start ; end

    Existence Love in the "Philosophy of the Heart" Sapho A.V. Kirichek

    The grammar of love. Ivan Bunin

    The concept of love in the stories of I.A. Bunin. O. Eremina

    The joys of earthly love. N. Gumilyov

    Philosophy of love in N. Gumilyov's story "The Joys of Earthly Love". D.Gracheva

    The topic of EROS in the prose of the Silver Age. E.V. Pedchenko

    Love in the Russian philosophy of total unity. E.V. Mochalov

    Love and the Garnet Bracelet. L.G. Boring

    The social phenomenon of love. S. V. Klimova

    Love as culture. A. Ya. Flier

    Understanding of love in the ancient world. Archaic discourse and quasi-subject of love. V.M. Rosin.

    New European concept of love. V.M. Rosin


    The influence of relationships in a couple on life expectancy. M.I. Rosenova

    Love and its place in human life. B. Russell

    Romantic love. B. Russell

    Discourse of love and death in the song of the end of the century. start , end

    To the distinction between love and sexuality (from romantic love to “creative”). V.M. Rosin

    Sexual revolution at the turn of the century. V. Rozin

    Thoughts about the problems of love. Lou Andreas-Salome

    Towards the definition of the concepts of "social construction" and "eros". G. Ya. Streltsova

    The phenomenon of love in traditional society: the institution of the family, love as a sacred ritual. G. Ya. Streltsova

    Eros in a historical and cultural perspective: antiquity, Christianity, Islam. G. Ya. Streltsova

    Love as a reflective project of the self. G. Ya. Streltsova

    Eros in a psychoanalytic perspective. G. Ya. Streltsova

    Metaphysical duality of love. G. Ya. Streltsova

    Sex in the postmodern era. Z. Bauman

    On the question of sex in postmodernity.

    Modern love. (1950) P.A. Sorokin

    Is romantic love an idol or an icon? M. Zavalov

    Gogol about love and marriage. V. Guminsky

    Fragments about love. G. Simmel

    Philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of love. A. Lukyanov

    The problem of overcoming the antinomies of love. A. Lukyanov

    Orgasm: a philosophical aspect. A. Gritsanov

    Righteousness in the shell of sin (specificity of domestic sexual culture). A. Strakhov

    Sex: the whole spectrum of meanings and meanings . M. Mozheiko

    Sexuality in postmodernism. M. Mozheiko

    Transformation of the existential of love. A. Rudenko

    Definitions of love from explanatory dictionaries.

    Definition of love. "Great Encyclopedia of Psychiatry" V. Zhmurov

    Definition of love. "Psychological Encyclopedia". R. Corsini, A. Auerbach.

    Definition of love. "Dictionary of the Practical Psychologist". S. Golovin

    Definition of love based on its antinomical understanding. O. Otradnova

    Definition of love - philological analysis. E. Balashova

    Definition of love in psychoanalytic dictionaries.

    The concept of love in the Russian language consciousness. S. Vorkachev. start , end

    Love and the meaning of life. S. Vorkachev

    Love and humor. S. Vorkachev

    Beauty and love. S. Vorkachev

    Mythopoetic basis of genres of modern mass culture (female love story of cinema melodrama) and advertising discourse. E. Karmalova

    She talks about love. J. Lipovetsky. part 1

    From love-religion to love-prison. J. Lipovetsky. part 2

    Disassemble love into its component parts. J. Lipovetsky. part 3

    Talk to me about love. J. Lipovetsky. part 4

    Women and pornography. J. Lipovetsky. part 5

    Love, modernity and individuality. J. Lipovetsky. part 6

    Content - analysis of a love story. O. Friedland

    The economy of love: the formation of gender stereotypes. Y. Astafiev

    Imaginary platonic love. K. Vasilev

    Ontology of love: beyond words and feelings. D. Leontiev

    Stendhal's sun. D. Ackerman

    The wrong side of love or the experience of trepanation of sin in the interpretation of authorities. G. Sergatsky.

    Multi-faceted sexuality or slapstick? G. Sergatsky.

    The human right to love. S. Iventiev

    Genesis of the Philosophy of Love. O. Otradnova

    Transformation of views on love as a subject of scientific research. T. Kochetkova, O. Litvin.

    Love in Russian. A. Batler

    The philosophy of love by Erich Fromm. A. Batler

    Contemporary American approaches to the theory of love. A. Batler

    Why are Russian women more beautiful than Western women? A. Batler

    The androgynous mythologeme in European culture (from romanticism to postmodernity). N. Kopylova

    Sex shock, or sexual evolution according to Stanislav Lem. V. Beloskov

    About sexual differentiation, sex and love in human production. A. Vityazev, G. Borozinets

    In love, a person wants to become a god (about Erich Fromm) P. Gurevich

    Love: on the path of knowledge. V. Petlenko

    The phenomenon of unlimited sexual behavior in the historical context of different types of sexual culture. M. Konina, A. Kholmogorova

    Love, eroticism and sexual ethics in pre-industrial Russia (10th - first half of the 19th century). N. Pushkareva

    Erotic course. Yu. V. Shcherbinina

    First love. I.S.Turgenev ; part2 ; part3 ; part4 ; part5

    Love is a conflict. Jean-Paul Sartre ; part2 ; end

    J. P. Sartre about love. G. Ya. Streltsova

    First love. Ray Bradbury ; part 2. ; end ;

    First love. F.V. Bulgarin.

    Enlightened acquaintance

    Dating Algorithm. And Vagin, A. Glushchai

    Online dating: communication, love, sex ... V. Leontiev

    Simple tips for those wishing to get acquainted on the Internet.

    Your love stories with our comments or FAQ

    1. I would love to understand why love is leaving?

    2. I'm 25, I have a husband, as I thought, my beloved, but ...

    3. I am gradually horrified because I have no idea when he will start earning normally:

    4. I have everything: beauty, health, a secure life, caring parents, real friends, a loving guy, but the most important thing is missing - happiness!

    5. People!!! What should I do??? I do not know what happened to me?

    6. I was already completely exhausted. I often quarrel with my boyfriend ...

    7. Renewal of sex in marriage.

    8. I don’t know how to flirt, I’m afraid to seem uninteresting to guys, I’m complex ...

    9. Maybe this is not mania at all, as you write, but real love ...

    10. And I believe that since a woman was aroused by a feeling, she should also satisfy it.

    11. But instead of joy, a real hell began in our life.

    12. And the situation repeated itself: each of them thinks that I am faithful only to her and to no one else.

    13. And the question arose: if you live and do not think, do you love or not?

    14. Men use us, we use them.

    15. ... he managed to make me fall in love with a colleague. ... I can't dare to have a serious conversation, I'm afraid. girl in a good mood

    16. There is one thing in books and movies, everything is different with you. It seems that everything is clever and correct everywhere, but in real life everything is according to the third.

    17. It turns out that true love does not know the pain of separation?

    18. One trouble - they loved each other so much (there is no doubt that they loved and nothing else) that we, their three children, were just an obstacle for them, which prevented them from giving to each other without a trace.

    19. The problem is of the following nature: in my life there was only one serious relationship with a man.

    20. ... because I suffer a lot, I love one person for 24 years.

    21. A year ago, I had a stormy love.

    22. I can't love, I just can't, I can't.

    I can't love, I just can't, I can't.

    23. And deliberately depriving yourself of some feelings means simply impoverishing yourself in something.

    24. Are we for a feeling or a feeling for us?

    25. We fell in love with each other immediately, after a month we began to live together.

    26. I am married but fell in love ...

    I am married but fell in love ...

    27. I am 19 years old and I have been suffering for a year and a half.

    28. I guess my situation should be called "Roller Coaster".

    29. I like monogamous and many, many, many people.

    30. I don’t know what’s the matter, but it’s very difficult for me to like it!

    31. How can you give that love to be taken?

    32. LOVE and suffer, living from meeting to meeting.

    33. The fact is that 4 years ago I really liked one guy.

    34. I have been married for 2 years to a man who does not love me.

    35. I am 15 years old. I love one of my classmates ...

    36. And I can't look at other men, I compare all the time ...

    37. ... about the two extremes of manifesting this feeling.

    38. Please help me understand myself.

    39. Sinful, obsessive, bad, terrible thoughts ... (obsession) that interfere with my life are creeping into my head .

    Sinful, obsessive, bad, terrible thoughts ... (obsession) that interfere with my life are creeping into my head .

    40. We've been married for ... years, how much sex should there be? Or a man (woman) ... years, how much sex should there be?

    41. How to understand a man.

    42. My family is against my relationship with my boyfriend!

    Psychological jokes

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    Family Jokes

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    I can't love, I just can't, I can't.

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