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About health. E. Pushkarev

The whole secret of prolonging life is not to shorten it.
Ernst Feuchtersleben, Austrian physician
Above, psychotherapist Robin Norwood has already stated not only about the similarity of "too much love" to alcoholism, but also about methods of treatment. In private clinics where alcoholism is treated permanently, after the first stage - detoxification, they teach intensive motor gymnastics, with the help of which hormonal background is quickly restored, providing positive emotions, feelings of satisfaction. A love sufferer, like an alcoholic, is people who, in the first place, have deregulated mechanisms that provide positive emotions. As for an alcoholic, ethanol, so for a biased person, the object of his "great love" are the only sources of euphoria and positive emotions. Therefore, at the first stage of alienation of a "dangerous person", feelings of a deficit of positive emotions arise. Over time, this process normalizes, but it returns to normal much faster during active physical education.

At the beginning of the third millennium in Russia, only 15% of children are born healthy. Healthy parents have 80% of children born healthy.

is power

At first it is perceived as muscle joy. This gymnastics may well be replaced by a healthy running, with an individually selected intensity.
A person needs movement as much as vitamins. There is not a single organ and tissue in the body that would be "indifferent" to movements.
During physical exertion, the blood supply to the muscles increases many times, the same applies to the lymph circulation and the metabolic process in general. Working muscles turn into a reservoir of nutrition and resources for the heart, lungs, liver, bones, joints, ligaments.
This is how the famous French physician of the 18th century put it about it. J. Tissot: "Exercise can replace many drugs, but no medicine in the world can replace exercise."
Wellness running is rightly called the "king" of all other physical activities. 2500 years ago, on a rock in Hellas, the inscription was carved: "If you want to be strong - run, if you want to be beautiful - run, if you want to be smart - run!"
There is practically not a single organ and system in the human body that would not be affected by such a charitable run. Jogging, especially in the evening, burns the excess sugar and adrenaline accumulated in the body during the day, thereby eliminating the biological - internal cause of psychological depression and replacing it, after running, a state of psychological comfort comes. Thanks to running, the amount of fat-like substances - cholesterol - decreases in the blood, and this prevents the development of hypertension.
A person has about 600 muscles. Of these, 80-85% are involved in recreational running. A trained muscular system improves posture and overall appearance. Running helps you lose excess body fat

Tips for those looking to take up a wellness run.
For those who have a chronic illness, you can start running only after consulting your doctor. The duration of the run must be at least 30 minutes. You need to go out for such a time gradually, start with a brisk walk and reach the maximum load within 2-3 months. The maximum heart rate during jogging should be no more than 180 minus age in years. With a correctly selected volume and intensity of the running load, 30 minutes after it, the pulse rate should not exceed the resting pulse rate.

In the United States, 96,000 people die due to unskilled medical care. In Russia, there is no one to do such calculations, but according to expert estimates, this figure is much higher.

If to use the metaphor - to do away with alcohol, "too much love" is to break out of the "poisonous swamp", and to master one of the healing systems, it means to move away from this dangerous swamp, so that by mistake you will not go back into it again wander. And every sufferer is a big debtor to his body, and debts must be paid back. When you exercise, you will immediately feel positive changes in your body. Our internal organs and systems are sincere and fair, they will quickly respond to taking care of themselves, they will repay you a hundredfold with a good mood, vigorous health for the care and attention you give them. Make friends with the liver, the heart, the nervous system, ask them for forgiveness, they deserve a respectful attitude towards themselves.
I myself have been a jogging fan for many years. I run 3-5 times a week for about an hour. And every time I am convinced how useful and great it is. Indeed, at the beginning of the run, I am one person, loaded with the problems of the day, and I come running by another person - a cheerful, rejuvenated optimist, for whom recent problems have become an insignificant trifle. I run in hot and cold weather, the only exception is rainy weather. This always causes annoyance: "Wow, this rain is not in time."

Since 1992, the population of Russia has been declining by an average of 0.7 million people a year.

I suggest you use the method of modern medicine in practice, which allows you to determine whether everything is in order with your heart. To answer this question, follow the simplest test. Within one and a half minutes, do 20 forward bends (exhale while bending, inhale while straightening). Determine the number of pulse beats per minute before the start of exercise P1 and immediately after its end P2, exactly one minute later, determine the pulse P3. Calculate the total number of heartbeats and subtract 200 from it, divide the result by 10.
Rate the results on the following scale: from 0 to 3 the heart is in excellent condition, from 3 to 6 - in good condition, from 6 to 12 - in mediocre, more than 12 - you should see a doctor, it's time.
Laziness and idleness is the most dangerous environment in which the craving for "love suffering" can return again.
WHO characterizes health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. A healthy person does not complain about the function of his internal organs, and a healthy body gives him a feeling of elation

What we sin in youth has to be redeemed in old age.
E. Rotterdam

Those who think that only middle-aged, if not older people should take care of their health, are deeply mistaken. And in his youth, a person must take care of his health. Otherwise, he will meet old age far from being in the best shape. It is no coincidence that the ancients said: "A healthy mind is in a healthy body."
How do you feel about your health? To find out this, the test will help. For each answer "a" you get 4 points, for "b" - 2, for "c" - 0
1. The correct diet is the principle "Breakfast - eat it yourself, lunch - share with a friend, dinner - give it to the enemy". What kind of diet do you have:
a) just like that, besides, you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits;
b) sometimes it happens that you do without breakfast or lunch;
c) you do not adhere to any regimen at all.
2. Do you smoke?
a) no;
b) yes, but only 1 - 2 cigarettes a day;
c) a whole pack a day.
3. Do you drink alcohol?
a) no;
b) sometimes in the company;
c) quite often, it happens both in the afternoon and in the morning.
4. Do you drink coffee?
a) very rarely;
b) no more than 1 - 2 cups a day;
c) you cannot do without coffee, you drink a lot.
5. Do you exercise regularly?
a) yes, it is necessary for you;
b) we would like to do it, but it is not always possible to force ourselves;
c) no, you don't.
6. Do you enjoy your work?
a) yes, you usually go to work with pleasure;
b) the work usually suits you;
c) you work reluctantly.
7. Are you taking any medications?
a) no;
b) only when urgently needed;
c) yes, almost every day.
8. Are you suffering from some kind of chronic medical condition?
a) no;
b) I find it difficult to answer;
c) yes.
9. Do you use at least one day off for physical work in the fresh air, tourism, physical education?
a) yes, and sometimes both days;
b) yes, but only when there is an opportunity;
c) no.
10. Is your marriage a success?
a) yes;
b) not particularly;
c) unsuccessful.
11. Are you satisfied with your intimate life?
a) yes;
b) not quite;
c) no.
12. How do you prefer to spend your vacation?
a) being actively involved in physical education;
b) in a pleasant, cheerful company;
c) for me this is a problem.
13. Is there something that constantly annoys you at work or at home?
a) no;
b) yes, but you try to avoid it;
c) yes.
14. Do you have a sense of humor?
a) your friends and family say there is;
b) you appreciate the people who have it, and you enjoy their company;
c) no.
38 to 56 points. You have a chance to live to be a hundred years old. You look after your health more than anything else, you feel good. If you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will remain energetic and active until a ripe old age. Just be careful when crossing the streets!
But think, are you spending too much energy to keep yourself in shape? Are you depriving yourself of some small pleasures? Do not neglect them, without them life may seem too bland to you. And joy is also health!
19 to 37 points. A cup of coffee is not a necessary attribute for a pleasant conversation. You are not only in good health, but often in a good mood. You do not give up the pleasures that make your life more diverse.
But consider if some of your habits will have consequences for your health over the years? Reconsider your lifestyle, think about whether you are exercising enough, whether you are too addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. And you must admit that friendly relations can be maintained not only at home in the company, but also on the tennis court, stadium, on a hike.
From 0 to 18 points. Your health depends, first of all, on you. But you are taking it too lightly. Probably, you are already complaining about your health or these complaints, alas, will not keep you waiting long. Don't get too reliant on medication. If you are not running in the evenings yet, then this is "merit" only of your healthy body, which cannot continue indefinitely. Give up, before it's too late, from cigarettes and alcohol, streamline your diet.

The essence of old age is gaining experience that you can no longer use.
S. Lemm

E. Pushkarev Chairman of the Internet - Club "ENLIGHTENED LOVE"

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